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I was trained in predominantly French and Italian kitchens in the beginning of my career. I gathered the classic framework that I now apply to a more modern globally influenced cuisine.  


Prior to starting Underground Fine Dining in 2015 I worked at Frasca Food and Wine and was Chef de cuisine at L’atelier for three years.  Wanting to explore my passion through a different lens than the normal brick and mortar restaurant, I created Underground Fine Dining.       


My cuisine is inspired by travels throughout France , Southeast Asia, and Mexico.  Being a private chef has facilitated the freedom to roam and learn from new culinary experiences along the way. 


Underground Fine Dining has taken me everywhere from pop- up dinners abroad, cooking on houseboats, touring with musicians, and intimate celebrations in my clients homes.  Every menu, space, and client provides a unique experience that fulfills my passion and gives me the perfect outlet to share it with others.       

Dustin Brandt.

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