Underground Fine Dining is a company formed by Chef Dustin Brandt that brings a new way of looking at the dining scene.


Unconventional venues are transformed to create a unique dining experience outside of the normal brick and mortar restaurant.  


Each night the pop-up themed restaurant changes location and tasting menu based on seasonality, and inspiration of the space.  


This freedom facilitates innovative and inspired cuisine that constantly evolves while challenging boundaries.  


Chef Dustin Brandt is a French trained chef that applies classic techniques to a modern global cuisine. Prior to starting Underground Fine Dining chef Brandt has resided in Boulder Colorado for the past 5 years.


During this time he worked at Frasca Food and Wine and was Chef de cuisine at Latelier for three years. Many relationships were established with local farmers which provide diners with the finest ingredients in colorado.  


Event Venues take on many shapes ranging from a beautiful vacation home in the mountains, a train, a farm, or a neighborhood diner.  With our passion for great food we invite you to the table, wherever it may be next... 

Underground Fine Dining has been awarded a Best of 2015, 2016 and 2017 award.  

Confetti toss!

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